Full Sex Pistols Tour of London ● Johnny Rotten ● Sid Vicious ● Steve Jones ● Paul Cook (2009)

I loved the Sex Pistols growing up (in fact Nevermind the bollocks still holds up today as one of the greatest rock n roll records of all time). When I was first getting into punk I devoured any book or magazine that had something on the Sex Pistols, keep in mind kids i am talking 1977-78 Australia a long long time before the interwebz. Anyhoo I just discovered this documentary today even though it was shot 7 years ago. Its great to see Steve Jones, Glen Matlock and Paul Cook go back to their old stomping grounds regaling us of tales of crappy clubs, dirty rehearsal rooms and filthy flats. Check it out and see what you think

Rare Amebix Documentary – Amebix Risen

I loved the Amebix growing up – what they did was so different from every other “punk” band out there. I mean I don’t even know if you could call it “punk” per se but in the true spirit of “do your own thing” I guess yes it was definitely punk..although I think more appropriately you could say it was the “sound track to the apocalypse” Check out this rare documentary on the band and let me know what you think

Negative Approach – Why Be Something You’re Not. Detroit 1982 (Full set)

Why Be Something You’re Not was a public access show run by punks in Detroit on cable TV. There were two known episodes filmed, the first featuring interviews and performances by the Necros, Negative Approach, and The Displaced, and the second with interviews and performances by the Crucifucks, Fate Unknown, and the Misfits.Negative Approach do a fucking great set with material from the EP and LP plus a few unreleased songs,