5 thoughts on “Last Orders – British Oi!

  1. G’day mate,
    Last Orders were an early English Oi/RAC band from the East coast of England, starting around 1984. They have 2 songs on the No Surrender Compilation which was done by Rock’o’Rama.

    I have a zine clipping of an interview with them from those early days, It’s quite hard to read but good none the less.

    I think they have reformed lately – I couldn’t tell you much about that, wether it’s the same line up or the like..

    • Last Orders regularly play for sieg heiling crowds of fascist idiots and lead singer John Henderson is a Blood and Honour supporter. He used to play in a nazi band called “The Blackshirts”. Last Orders plays a cover of the neo nazi band Screwdriver’s song “The Voice of Britain”, complaining about how “our country” is being taken over by “aliens”. It’s basically a call for race war.

    • Last Orders are racist nazi scum and take great joy in promoting hate, violence and bigotry.
      A friend of mine did a gig at The Bridge House, Canning Town and John Henderson’s (the singer of Last Orders) girlfriend (an equally bigoted, racist, nazi person) started kicking off and causing trouble. she did this knowing she had the physical backing of her nazi boyfriend and their nazi compatriots.

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