4 thoughts on “Quick and the Dead – Super rare footage

  1. Hi,
    I’m Mark Oakley, the guitarist in Quick and the Dead :). The interview of the band members was carried out in my loungeroom in 1981. Sadly the drummer, Andy McPherson, passed away in 2012. I catch up with the singer, Andrew Baird, every so often. Murray Holmes still lives in W.A. . Those were ‘great days’ and I have fond memories of gigs and the family of people involved with the band. Cheers !

    • Great to hear from you Mark and sorry to hear about Andy Mc – Glad to hear that everyone else is doing well! take care mate – Cheers

  2. Hey Al I can’t help but think we must have crossed paths. I was at this gig at The Criterion Hotel as we were for quite a few Sundays. I got a laugh seeing myself on the dance floor. I caught up with a few lads last week for a Dead Kennedys gig. Those were great times that have influenced me all my life. Sad news about Andy he was the best drummer they had.

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