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This blog is going to be dedicated to the best in old school punk rock and oi music

My goal is to keep this all about the music and leave out the politics – however since its my blog I will write about whatever bands that I feel writing about and if they don’t fit whatever political stance you take – don’t come crying to me – either be an adult and suck it up, go start your own blog or please file a Hurt Feelings report.:

I plan to write about bands that I know and most of them are from the glory days of punk rock the early 80s. That’s not to say there are not some killer bands around these days (there are) but just so you know I do not consider bands like Green Day and Offspring punk rock si I will not be covering them here and I am sure there are plenty of places online you can find that cover these bands if you are interested in that type of music.

If you have any questions – leave a comment or shoot us an email

Al 1-1-2012


9 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. i just stumbled on your post about the 10 great north american oi bands i’ve never heard.. and you’re correct i haven’t heard any of them. thank you for introducing them to me. are you aware of how i may be able to find any of their albums?

  2. Im a representative from Punishment Block Records & we have a release from a British streetpunk/oi band called Insane Society. This is going to be the album of the year…not just by the strength of the songwriting but also because the appearances by a who’s who of oi & streetpunk . They have appearances by :

    Frankie Flame from Superyob

    -Lee Wilson from Infa Riot

    -Arturo Bassick from 999 & The Lurkers

    -Max Splodge from Splodgenessabounds

    -Roi Pearce from The Last Resort and many many more .

    Let us know if you have any interest in reviewing this release . Thanks for your time .

    Will Hass

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