Special Duties

One night I was telling this girl (born in the 1980s) how Punks and Skins used to stand together – she was like what no way – Punks and Skins hate each …

I went on to explain that back in the good old days Punks and Skins stood united against the rest of the world – until the Anarcho hippie punk scene lead by the band Crass came about. Crass bought in hard core politics and many of the punks soon picked up their left wing mantra and followed it like sheep. (Ok while I cannot agree with everything Crass said that did have a few catchy sing along songs and some of their philosophies were alright, self belief, personal freedom – all politicians are douche bags etc – my objection is that punk was about thinking for yourself and these guys bought in radical left wing politics which fractured the punk movement ..anyways that’s just my opinion for whats that’s is worth if you don’t like it – please file a “hurt feelings” report)

So anyways I forget where I first heard of Special Duties (maybe an import edition of Sounds magazine..which arrived in Ass-tralia 3 months after it hit the streets in England) but I do recall their singers name was Steve Arrogant (a blatant piss take on Crass’s Steve ignorant¬† – ha ha)

special duties bullshit crass











They were going to be called the Xpelled (they were all punks at school together) but after they nicked a box of pins with ‘Special Duties” on them they figured that it would be cheaper to name the band after the pins – genius!

Special Duties decided to go after the band Crass and their single “Bullshit Crass” was their best seller “Bullshit crass you’ve been detected – we’ll save the punks that you’ve injected” was one of the lines of the song I can still recall to this day.
I remember buying their album “77 in 82” again a fuck you to all the media luvvies who declared Punk was dead in 1978 – ha ha Great album Steve’s barking vocal delivery in my opinion was definitely a very early influence on the extreme edge of punk which would lead to grindcore bands like Brutal Truth – but that’s another story.








It was through the album “77 in 82″ that I discovered the band ‘The Boys” due to SD cover of “First Time” so once again another bonus point to this album.

The band split shortly after their album due to their distributors weak efforts in support the album (no doubt due to their attacks on Crass and the hippy punk scene)

Thanks to Captian Oi reissuing their album on Cd in the mid 90s the band reformed and have been gigging ever since.

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