The No Future Records Story – amazing video

Wow guys – No Future records was home to some of my favorite bands back in the day , Blitz, Channel 3 , The Partisans, Red Alert the list goes on and on. Check this great interview with Chris Berry on the history of the label and how him and Richard Jones started with a Thousand Pound bank loan. This is must see TV if you loved any of the UK 82 style punk bands

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Blitz – All Out Attack

“Do you feel alright? Someone’s gonna die tonight”

Growing up Blitz was one of my favorite Oi bands (although Nidge the guitarist flatly stated they were a punk band) they were championed in the English music press as the ideal Oi band because they had 2 punks and 2 skinheads in the band)




Their heavily distorted guitar sound (at a guess a distortion pedal thru a distortion pedal) set the tone for many underground and extreme bands to come. To me what was best was not so much the raw gruff guitar sounds (although that was killer) but their great catchy melodic songs. Someone once compared Oi music to Folk music in the fact its simplistic and tells tales of real life  – well I can’t argue with that. Lyrics like
“This is where the good times went
With his brains lying on the pavement
With a broken bottle in his hand
And another in his back”





You have no idea how big this band were in England in the early 80s – they had numerous singles in the Mainstream British charts – almost impossible to imagine in this day and age – ya know?

I forget where I heard first heard them but I am pretty sure it must of been on one of the Oi compilations – I then picked up all their early 7″ records and played them to death. You know whats funny when I left Australia for England I had to sell most of my vinyl collection (cost far too much to ship it over) this was before the days of ebay and I was happy to get Five Aussie dollars per 7″ of course now in the days of Ebay some of those little fuckers would be worth $500 a piece each. Oh well hindsight is 20/20

Like a lot of bands that came out of the punk scene at the time when it started to die off they looked at ways to turn the band into a full time career and go “more commercial” unfortunately they end up alienating even the fans that stuck with the band – I am not sure if it was on the UKDk video but they had some almost “Ultravox style songs ” (Google the band if you have never heard of UV) even as a hardcore fan I was like “wtf are they doing??”

Eventually they split up and Nidge reformed the band later with younger guys (as many of the Oi bands of the time did) sadly Nidge was killed getting hit by a car in Austin Texas in 2007.

Here is one of my favorite songs by Blitz.