The No Future Records Story – amazing video

Wow guys – No Future records was home to some of my favorite bands back in the day , Blitz, Channel 3 , The Partisans, Red Alert the list goes on and on. Check this great interview with Chris Berry on the history of the label and how him and Richard Jones started with a Thousand Pound bank loan. This is must see TV if you loved any of the UK 82 style punk bands

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The Partisans – UK 82’s finest?

In my opinion the Partisans from Wales, GB were one of the finest of the “UK 82” bands – they were one of the first singles I bought from the label “No Future” back in 81 or 82 and while musically they were nothing special they knew how to write catchy punk songs. Actually let me back track a bit – one of the first things I heard from them (I think Police Story) was loud and fast , this was probably on a compilation (Punk and disorderly) and they stood out from the other bands by being so distorted and thrashy – in a great way of course. If my ailing memory serves me correctly the next 7″ I bought from them was the 17 years of hell one – which is a punk classic and a song that I still love and play today. Can you imagine being 17 years old, being into punk and being pissed off at the world and society and hearing a song called “17 years of Hell” ? Bingo – f’n great That’s EXACTLY what you want to hear – ya know? Anyways I did own their first album and probably wore the grooves out on the record playing that thing to death , songs like “I never needed you” and “No U turns”

When I moved to England I had to sell all my old 7″ records – this was the days before ebay and I was glad to get $5 each for them – some of them now are easily worth over $800 on the collectors market but oh well hey what ya going to do – cry about how I could of held on to them and got more money now? that’s not how life works and you just have to get on with it.

Anyways so years later all the old punk and oi records start getting re-issued on cd and I picked up “Police story which was the album and a bunch of their singles thrown on it – well fuck me – it was just as good as I remembered it! Like I said super melodic and catchy.

All my mates at the time made such a big deal that they had a “hot” female bassist in the band ..hey lets face it – at that age any half decent chick in punk clothes was considered “hot” . So after Louise left the band they relocated to west London and got a lad called Dave Parsons in on bass. What I didn’t put together until only recently was that after the Partisans broke up Dave ended up joining this band that was big in England in the late 80s early 90s after they broke up he went on to worldwide success in the band BUSH!

Anyways Here is two of my favorite Partisans songs – check em out: