Alcohol Fueled – Canadian Street Punk Band

Alcohol Fueled is a Street Punk band from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

alcohol fueled - canadian punk

Consisting of Cody White on vocals, Tim on Bass, Aaron on guitars and Will on drums these guys play simplistic, raw and yet catchy punk rock – reminds me of some of the great bands coming out of the UK during the early 80s.

Check out their music here:

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Sham 69 ‘Tell us the Truth’ Documentary from 1979

This is the ultra rare Sham 69 Documentary which features a Drama using the ‘That’s Life’ album
If you look closely you will see the table and room featured on their first album ‘Tell us the Truth’

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ITALIAN PUNK HARDCORE 1980-1989 [Official Trailer]

The birth of Italian hardcore punk. The cities and the hotbeds of punk. Self-management, squats, politics. D.I.Y., tapes and vinyl. Independent labels. Fanzines and counter-culture word-of-mouth. Concerts, rallies, demonstrations. The battles, the violence, the excesses and the drugs. The antagonistic relationship between the punk movement and the press, daily papers and magazines. The beginnings, rise and fall of the big bands of the ’80s. Interviews and rare live footage from Raw Power, Wretched, Negazione, CCM, Indigesti, Kina, Peggio Punx, Impact, Upset Noise and many others.
To be released in 2013. After the end of the world.

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Documentary on the Origin of Brazillian Punk (video)

Botinada – The Origin Of Punk In Brazil – with English Subtitles (just click the CC button)

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