Alcohol Fueled – Canadian Street Punk Band

Alcohol Fueled is a Street Punk band from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

alcohol fueled - canadian punk

Consisting of Cody White on vocals, Tim on Bass, Aaron on guitars and Will on drums these guys play simplistic, raw and yet catchy punk rock – reminds me of some of the great bands coming out of the UK during the early 80s.

Check out their music here:

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Social Distortion – Live At CBGB’s, New York, FULL CONCERT

Social Distortion @CBGB’s, New York, NY 24-02-1992

Here’s a 2-cam mix of this great gig.
(click “Show more” for setlist)

0:00:53 01. Bye Bye Baby
0:04:00 02. Hour Of Darkness
0:07:00 03. Let It Be Me
0:11:55 04. Prison Bound
0:18:20 05. So Far Away
0:22:11 06. Ring Of Fire
0:26:55 07. 99 To Life
0:32:18 08. Cold Feelings
0:37:00 09. 1945
0:40:40 10. Bad Luck
0:46:14 11. Making Believe
0:51:17 12. Ball & Chain
0:58:35 13. Sick Girl
1:03:07 14. Born To Lose
1:08:10 15. Shame On Me
1:11:05 16. When She Begins

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