Sonny Vincent and Spite

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the first Sonny Vincent and Spite album “Spiteful”

Featuring Sonny Vincent (the testors) Steve Mackay (The Stooges) Glen Matlock (The Sex Pistols) and Rat Scabies (From The Damned) Spite is a who’s who of Punk Rock.

If you like dirty sleazy rock n roll in the vein of The Heartbreakers, The Stooges and The Dead Boys then this album is for you.

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Alcohol Fueled – Canadian Street Punk Band

Alcohol Fueled is a Street Punk band from Ottawa, Ontario Canada

alcohol fueled - canadian punk

Consisting of Cody White on vocals, Tim on Bass, Aaron on guitars and Will on drums these guys play simplistic, raw and yet catchy punk rock – reminds me of some of the great bands coming out of the UK during the early 80s.

Check out their music here:

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City Gardens – Punk Club New Jersey

City gardens in Trenton NJ was once a blues club that in the early 1980s focused on new Wave and punk shows – see the city gardens wiki page for more info

Amy Yates Wuelfing & Steven DiLodovico are running a kick starter campaign to raise funds for a book on City gardens – click here to be part of it.

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Another State of Mind is a documentary film made in the summer of 1982 chronicling the adventure (and misadventure) of two punk bands — Social Distortion and Youth Brigade — as they embark on their first international tour. Along the way they meet up with another progressive punk band, Minor Threat, whom they hang out with at the Dischord house for about a week near the end of their ill-fated tour.

Henry Rollins Interview from 1985

Henry Rollins interviewed at Living Batch Bookstore in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 18, 1985.

Rollins and Bob from TeleTrax discuss Black Flag, Metallica, Bruce Springsteen, Jim Morrison, MTV, Madonna, Stray Cats, etc.\

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