Writing Movie Reviews on Punks

There is no better way to understand the concepts of a certain subculture than through the personalities. Therefore, if you are studying art or music, you may be assigned to watch several documentaries about punk subculture and its bright supporters. To prove that you have watched them, you may need to write a review. The following are the suggestions of a few documentaries dealing with the punk subculture and examples of brief overviews of them. If you need more suggestions, or if you need to review a specific documentary that has not been mentioned in the post, contact CoolEssay for the professional online help.

Hated: GG Allin & the Murder Junkies

This is a documentary from 1993, but it is the only one telling about the life and music of uncontrolled GG Allen. He was famous for declining everything in the world and showing this by his actions: he jumped in the crowd on his concerts to start a fight and get beaten, he fought with his group members, and crashed stages. His performances usually ended up with the police’s interruption.

The documentary includes Allen’s interviews, pieces of TV-shows with him taking part, and cuts with the performances of his group “The Murder Junkies.” Interestingly, this is the first documentary of the director later famous for “The Hangover.”

The Fifth and the Fury

This is the film from 2000. It is about the group everyone knows about: The Sex Pistols. Here one can see a full story of the group: from the first concerts in the underground pubs in London up to the concert in 1978 at a stadium, which marks the end of The Sex Pistols’ history. It is a perfect involvement in the history with its specific atmosphere of punk and anarchy.

Refused Are Fucking Dead

This is a review of the 2006 film about a Swedish hardcore group Refused. They have made a huge contribution to the development of the genre having recorded three albums in the middle of 90ies.

The documentary includes concerts, cadres from the backstage, and some of the video clips. Having watched the documentary, one can understand the value of the group, which has got a lot of followers, in the history of hardcore.


This is the film from 1999, and it is about the American post-hardcore group Fugazi. The director of the film was a classmate of the group member, so he could tell more than anyone else. The director spent long 11 years to create the film, so it is quite well thought about. Different interviews, cadres from the tour, and video fragments from the recording of the fourth album have been included to the documentary.


Unlike the previous documentaries, this film is not about a particular group. The movie is focused on the Afro-American musicians who played an aggressive guitar rock. It covers the creative work of Cipher, Ten Grand, Bad Brains, Tamar-kali, etc.

The film carries a very important idea: the necessity to support the racial identity on the stage. It deals with the concept of loneliness, alienation, and interracial relationships on the world musical stage. So, this documentary’s review will be a good piece of writing on Sociology as well.

All in all, this list is eventually not full. If you want to learn more about the punk culture to write a thorough essay or a research paper on the topic, you will face a big list of other documentaries, as well as books and articles.

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